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What are the objectives, goals, & vision of the Alumni Association in the USA?

The motivation was to create a channel to harness available human, intellectual, and material resources of Great Ife Alumni in the Diaspora.

Ultimately, our vision is to create a global network of Great Ife Alumni that will generate tremendous benefits through synergy, for our alma mater, our home country- Nigeria, and the various countries that we are residents/citizens. Through our interactions, we intend to foster the interest and welfare of the alumni. The hall mark team spirit of Great Ifes (as we refer to ourselves), our idealism and sensitivity to national issues all combined to motivate this spirit of coming together to give back to the university that immensely contributed to the attainment of our life goals and ambitions. 

What is the qualification for membership of the alumni association?

Membership of the alumni association is not by choice, or by application. You automatically became a member of the alumni association the day you graduated from Great Ife University (Unife/OAU). The choices before us alumni are either to be an active or passive member, or to be a dues paying or non-dues paying member.

What is the organizational structure of the alumni association?

Great Ife Alumni has global, country, and city metro area, based organizational structures. The global alumni structure is organized into country based chapters. Nigeria chapter is referred to as the parent chapter while the global headquaters is located at the alumni sectretariat building, situated in OAU campus. The president of the Nigeria Chapter is usually referred to as the worldwide president of Great Ife alumni.

Country based chapters are organized into city metro area branches and affiliates. OAU, Ife campus branch of the Nigeria chapter is referred to as the Home branch.

USA Chapter has it's headquarters in Houston TX, with five branches in Houston metro, Dallas/Forth Worth metro, San Francisco bay area, Washington DC metro and Atlanta metro. There is also a USA Chapter affiliate member- IfeMed Alumni USA.

How do I (we) establish a new chapter or branch of the alumni association?

Any qualified alumni may start a new organizational cell of the alumni association is his/her neck of the wood all over the world. A new chapter will require accreditation from the Nigeria (Parent) chapter in Nigeria, while new branches are required to be chartered by the appropriate Chapters of the alumni organization.

The USA Chapter has a checklist of criteria for the formation of new branches, published on this website. In all situations, please contact the appropriate alumni chapter or world secretariat for clarifications, guidance and support in establishing a new chapter or branch. 



Contact Us

USA Chapter Headquarters

Great Ife Alumni Association Inc. USA
P.O. Box 6931, Houston TX 77265-6931

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-474-6941

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